Embracing Age Differences In Marriage



At first, most people, including those unmarried would say that age doesn’t really matter in relationships or in marriages as a whole. However, several studies have shown that it could become an issue once not properly addressed.


Estimates have it that the average age difference among couple, which include dating and married couples is pegged at six years. However, we have seen over the past decades that society has becoming more open to the idea of noticeable age differences among couples. In fact, several high-profile personalities have their individual stories with their partners with huge age difference, which referred to as May-December relationship.

Issue Or Not


The issue whether or not age difference in relationship does matter is entirely subjective, which means it depends entirely on the individuals in the relationship whether they feel comfortable with the kind of relationship they are having. Whether it’s a big issue or not is entirely on the person in the relationship to decide on.


Let’s admit it, we all have our personal opinions about age-gap issues in relationship. Also, we have to admit that no matter how we see it, there are several advantages and disadvantages if we choose to be in that kind of relationship. It’s totally a personal choice, after all, it’s our life. But those who are in a relationship with noticeable age-gap difference, they claim that there are several advantages and disadvantages of being in that kind of relationship.

Learning Experience


Being in this kind of relationship gives you a lot of learning experience where you can get to know not only yourself but the other person as well by sharing your personal experience where you can draw learning from and can be applied to yourself. Since there’s a noticeable difference between you and your partner’s age, it’s totally possible that you can learn from their experience the type that you can only learn that comes with age.


If you’re the much older partner, you can also learn a lot from your younger partner by knowing some of the life lesson that the younger generation can teach you. It’s not totally an awkward situation after all if you just know how to make this rather unconventional relationship a fun one.


You Grow Together


Having a partner who’s much younger or much older than you means you get to know a lot of things from different generation. This also means that you get to experience, through your partner, different cool things from your partner’s generation that no other people even your family and books can teach you.


Love knows no age. If you really love a person, you will love him or her regardless of their age, race, preferences, and uniqueness. It’s just a matter of perspective and knowing that love conquers all regardless of how seemingly odd your relationship to other people. For as long as you continue inspiring each other and supporting each other to become a better person than they already are, that’s pretty much enough.